218 = too late
4 = for
4get = forget
afaik = as far as I know
afk = away from keyboard
asap = as soon as possible
atm = at the moment
ayf = all your fault
b4 = before
b4n = bye for now
bbiab = be back in a bit
bbl = be back later
bf = boyfriend
bq = beyond question
brb = be right back
btw = by the way
btdt = been there, done that
byp = beg your pardon
cu = see you/ cracking up
cul = see you/ catch you later
cya = see ya
faq= frequently asked questions
focl = falling off chair laughing
gf = girlfriend
gfc = going for coffee
gmab = give me a break
gmta= great minds think alike
hand= have a nice day
idk = i don't know
ikwum= i know what you mean
jam = just a minute
jas= just a second
jic= just in case
l8r = later
lb(g)r = little boys (girls) room (bathroom break)
myob = mind your own business
lol = laughing out loud
m8 = mate
mlnw = make love not war
ne1 = anyone
nm = nevermind
np = no problem
nrn = no reply necessary
omg = oh my god
p? = pardon?
ppl = people
soy = shame on you
sup = what's up
tia = thanks in advance
thx = thanks
ttyl = talk to you later
ubb = urgent bathroom break
w8 = wait
wbs = write back soon
w8n = waiting
wb = welcome back
wn? = what now? / what next?
xoxo = hugs and kisses
y = why


Cod-fish = bacalhau
trout = truta
herring = arenque
salmon = salmão
sarine = sardinha
tuna = atum
eel = enguia
shrimp = camarão
lobster = lagosta
oyster = ostra
mussel = marisco
crab = caranguejo
squid = lula
octopus = polvo
clam = molusco
Scrambled eggs = ovos mexidos
boiled eggs = ovos cozidos
soft-boiled eggs = ovos quentes
fried eggs = ovos fritos
pouched eggs = ovos pochê
sunny-side-up eggs = ovos fritos com a gema mole


Layer Cake (bolo recheado, como os de aniversário)
Frost (cobertura de bolo)
Whipped cream, chantilly cream (creme de leite batido com açúcar, chantilly)
Icecream (Sorvete)
icecream bar (Picolé)
Sorvete de Casquinha (icecream cone)
Topping (cobertura)
Cookies (biscoitos em geral)
Waffer (tipo de biscoito que costumamos rechear, os redondinhos, mas sem recheio)
Oreo (o mesmo tipo de biscoito, mas recheado. Oreo é uma marca)
Chocolates (bombons)
Chocolate bar (chocolate em barra)
Candies (balas e doces em geral)
Caramels (caramelos)
Jelly Beans (balinhas de goma)
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  1. Michelle Says:

    Adorei o post Stephani!
    muita girias da net eu já tinha visto mas não tinha entendido, agora saquei!


  2. Anônimo Says:

    necessario verificar:)